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  • arun.gurung



    I discovered your theme a couple of days ago and have been experimenting with using it on my personal blog but have stumbled across a problem with using a plugin called ‘Page Tagger’ which allows you to add the equivalent of comment post tags to pages.

    If I revert back to my original theme page tagger works without issue. Do you have nay ideas / suggestions ?


    Great Theme BTW.


    Syahir Hakim


    What problem are you having exactly using Page Tagger exactly? Please describe the issue so that I can investigate it.



    With the Page-Tagger plug-in installed using the default wp template in the pages section of wp-admin; when editing a page there is a ‘Tag section’ in the right hand column which allows you to assign tags to a page. With the default template I can add tags to the page by either adding new tags or by selecting from already existing tags.

    Using your template the Add tags section is present however it will not allow me to either add new tags or selecting from existing tags.

    Many thanks for the fast replay.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Ianro, I just installed and tested the Page Tagger plugin with the Graphene theme and it works fine. I can add new tags for pages, as well as select from the existing tags.

    May I know what version of Graphene are you using? have you tried with the latest version (



    Hi There My Bad!! Following you r last post I created a new site and added all of my plugins one by one and found the the Geolocation Location plugin is actually causing the problem. I hope I didnt waste tto much of your time and thanks for you speedy support.


    Syahir Hakim


    No worries 🙂

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