Plugin incompatibilty

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    My WordPress 4.4.1 site uses the widgets from plugins Collapsing Archives and Collapsing Categories

    I can’t make those widgets work with Franz Josef.

    There is no output, and the Developer view in Chrome doesn’t show any error messages.

    I haven’t yet been able to figure out what the problem is.

    The Collapsing widgets work fine with the Graphene theme.

    Other themes that also work with those widgets include Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen, Toivo, Responsive, Simone and GovPress


    Kenneth John Odle


    Just tried this in localhost and can confirm they don’t do anything when placed into the FJ footer.

    Nice plugins, btw! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.



    There is a clash with the Franz Josef theme file bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css.

    It’s the height:0 in the following snippet that causes the problem


    I don’t know whether it would cause other problems by removing the height:0, but it makes the plugin work (although some styling tweaks might be needed)

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