Plugin conflict with Graphine

  • joecoon


    I really like the Graphine theme!

    I use a paid plugin on most of my sites calle WPPROFITBUILDER, but have noticed that it dosen’t work correctly when used with the Graphine theme ๐Ÿ™

    When building a page with the plugin I cannot get a transparent background in my new rows. The background is always a solid grey color.

    I’m hoping someone in here can shed some light on this problem and how I can overcome/fix it.

    Thank you for any help!!



    Kenneth John Odle


    Since that is a commercial plugin, we would need to see a page/post where this behaviour is happening.



    Sure thing Kenneth.

    The site is

    The pages thathave the problem are built with the plugin which on all other themes have a transparency so the page background shows through. Here is a page where the problem can be seen,


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