Please help me to figure out this long-lasting weird issue !

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    Hi everyone,

    I please a help from everyone…

    I’m in trouble with my FF and GC browsers. This issue take already more than 1 week. I try to find a solution which I can understand and do by myself but whatever I tried according to solutions I found in web, didn’t help me or I couldn’t manage.

    My issue is, 2 plugins ( related content plugin + captcha plugin )and share buttons do not work/appear in FF and GC browsers, but all work perfectly in IE.

    All the mentioned browsers are installed latest versions.

    My issue possibly related to jQuery or Java settings, as far as I understand from what I googled.

    Because of I’m not familiar with coding, don’t know exactly how to check them whether they work properly.

    For me the most interesting thing in all,if I have some missing or wrong settings or coding, so why all work properly as should be in IE that a browser normally I don’t use such oftenly as I do other two.

    One of my attemption to solve this was re-installed child theme which I hadn’t done properly before ( because I had done a few change in orginal theme files and then switched into child theme ).

    Edited all properly once again, but tried other options but unfortunately the problem didn’t disappeared till now. Currently, theme’s slider + another slider created with plugin I use seems frozen only in FF but in others OK. BTW, about share buttons… in FF it appears only addthis icon and when I hover on it, I see only URL+# and do nothing open or anything else !?!

    So, I thought that, maybe I had somewhere a missing code related to theme files or in theme’s options ( not sure! ), therefore I wanted to request your help.

    Sorry that I kept longly my explanations but I really wanted to be sure that I told all for this problem.

    Can anyone help me with this please ? Any help much appreciated !


    Syahir Hakim


    Turn off Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader feature.



    Thank you so much Syahir, it was the solution just right for me ! I had also thought lastly a problem related to my cloudflare settings but not sure which one, therefore I requested them also, anyway without waiting their reply, you gave the result. Thanks a lot.

    By the way, all is OK now,however only addthis icon button moved one line lower. It is only in Chrome, in other browsers is OK !

    Could you tell me how I can fix it ? BTW, I’d like to fix also alignment of text excerpts in homepage pane. They look a little crooked.

    Thank you once more…

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