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  • yanqele


    From a beginner with WP very happy to have selected Graphene 1.8.1

    Are the screen width and height preset to absolute values, therefore leaving side and bottom areas unused in the X11 window when window is larger than these likely preset parameters (guessed tas possibly 1024×768)?

    Question will perhaps become clear with this screenshot when the window expanded to Full Screen, showing two empty dark sides?

    Thanks in advance




    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, that it how it is supposed to look.

    That area on either side is not wasted. It’s there to keep the content area to a reasonable width on very large monitors. Without that, the content would spread across the screen and that is very difficult to read on a very wide monitor.

    You can adjust the width of the center content area within some reasonable parameters by going to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Column Width.

    Keep in mind that if you set it too wide, people with narrow monitors will not be able to see all your content without horizontal scrolling.



    Thanks Ken for your very rapid and clear answer.

    The rationale is understood and does ideed make sense.

    The question is fully answered.


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