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    I’m trying to get the results of a curl into a new entry on my header menus on the same line.

    To do this with the graphene_default_menu I wrote a overriding function to simply add the new item at the end before the list tags closed (For future reference, it could be neat to add an action hook there; there is already one immediately after the list closes). However, this doesn’t work with wp custom menus, and I have to update the function manually.

    The function simply adds one button at the end. Unfortunately php is non-executable on the button titles or descriptions when using the wp-menus interface.

    Is there a way to regain the flexibility of the wp-menus, whilst still inserting my custom button on the end, or am I stuck like this?



    Rephrase, perhaps:

    I can find and modify graphene_default_menu , but I can’t find an equivalent *_custom_menu . There must be one somewhere, to put the menu items into the correct format. Where can I find it?

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