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    I am writing articles about everything what i like. I use WP and Graphene theme. (site is in czech language)

    If someone have recommendation to improve web please let me know in this topic :).


    Kenneth John Odle


    You eliminated the header entirely! Wow. It certainly looks strange, because I am accustomed to seeing Graphene sites with the header intact. But you certainly get to the content immediately.

    I noticed that you put your site name vertically to the right of the main content area since you don’t have a header. I am curious if this displays correctly on all sizes of monitors, and if so, how you are accomplishing this.

    I love this book! I’m so glad it is available in Czech!

    A very interesting approach that I’ve never seen before. Unique and well done. Thank you for sharing.



    I like that idea with header too, very nice.

    Maybe just to disable the footer background.

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