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    Hello guys,

    big thanks and much admiration to Syahir and everybody involved in the development. It is a big “wow!” to find such a pretty, flexible and easily adjustable theme for free use.

    Also, many thanks to the forum moderators. You guys are very, very dedicated. Almost every question I stumbled upon (sprites, slider border, disable image borders in archives etc.) was already answered somewhere.

    Here is my little project:

    Some small issues are left to do, like adjusting the light bar in the footer section and tweaking the size of subpage menu entries (once I add subpages again). I’ll feel free to ask if I need to.

    Cheers – Alex


    Syahir Hakim


    That’s quite a nice customisation of the theme. Good job!

    If I may suggest some things, try removing the top bar and place the search form on the navigation bar instead. And maybe try using a slightly lighter background so that the content stand out more?



    Hey Syahir,

    that’s neat – so easy and results in a much more balanced effect. Thanks for looking and for your kind words!

    Cheers – Alex

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