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    Kenneth John Odle


    I have updated the appearance of my personal blog, which you can see here:

    From my old design, I kept the header image (because you know, robots), and the menu gradients, which I copied from Kim’s site (http://www.nø and changed the colors using the gradient editor from ColorZilla (

    I also kept my old background image, but lightened it up a lot.

    I added a box shadow to each post and widget area, and a bit of a radius to each border, so they (kind of) float above the background. (I may play around with this some more.)

    I changed the format of the sticky posts from having a colored background to having a different color box shadow.

    I also use Prasanna’s code to change the appearance of the the “Previous” and “Next” links. You can see how he accomplished this on his blog here: (Thanks, Prasanna!)

    Big change #1: I used the Ubuntu font for everything. I didn’t install it as a webfont, so if you don’t have it installed, you’ll just see everything in a sans-serif font. So I may may change that later.

    Big change #2: I used the vertical effect in the slider, as I had never seen anyone use it before. It’s pretty cool.

    As always, feel free to look at the source code and borrow/adapt/steal. Enjoy!

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