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  • rodeboy


    Hi all,

    I am putting a small website together for my daughter who is studying Beauty Therapy at college.

    On the undermentioned page I am including pdf’s of her certificates, in third paragraph. If I view them using Automatic Zoom, or print them they come out small. I’m sure it’s a very simple mistake I have made, but I simply cannot see what I’ve done wrong. Can anyone point out my error please?


    Thanks for your time.



    Kenneth John Odle


    What scanning resolution did you use? It looks like the downloaded file has a resolution of 100ppi, with a size of 121 x 171 pixels, which will give you a very small image indeed.



    Thanks Kenneth. Clearly I was looking at the problem from the wrong direction!

    I have decided to show them on the site just as uploaded images, and not pdf’s, as there is no need for visitors to download them, and it keeps the visitor on the site better.

    I really appreciate your time and help, as always.



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