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    I have a question. I habe some PDF files on my homepage. When someone open the files, then the homepage will be closed and just the pdf file is open. What I should do, so that the pdf files will be open as an extra page?

    Thank you for the help in advance!



    Use target="_blank" in the html link to the pdf file.



    Thank you for your reply. But I’m not sure, where exactly I have to place this.



    How are you inserting your PDF files?



    I click on the button “add file”(a star)

    then: select file

    after upload: insert in article



    Okay. And after you insert the file, in the HTML editor, what is the code being used to insert the PDF?

    You should see a link, something like:

    <a href="PATH TO SOME FILE">

    Make it look like this:

    <a target="_blank" href="PATH TO SOME FILE">



    it functions, thank you!!! Is there any other possibilities to do that? It takes a lot of time



    You’re welcome.

    When you are inserting a file, is there not an option to have it open in a new window?



    no, I can not find such an option



    Well, then at this point, you probably have the best solution. It would probably require modifying core files to make such an option permanent.

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