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    I am unsure if this is theme related i really dont know but if anyone can shine some light on this it would help alot please

    I use copy and paste from word docs i get these weekly via email and paste on my site but since the wordpress update i am lost i cannot find the MSW symbol i used to use in my editor

    I use to click this paste from word thing and just paste it worked great but now its missing i dont have this anymore any ideas please its a key feature i must be able to paste tables from MSW or i am naffed

    thanks people


    Kenneth John Odle


    As of 3.9, it’s no longer needed. You can paste directly into your post.

    See this:



    Thanks mate that is shocking news for me, ive tried pasting into the editor and it rubbish removing all empty cells which then shifts everything about has really mad in difficult to just paste im having to add a dot in every empty cell to avoid them being removed by the editor the only solution i have until they do something with it

    plenty of people have complained i read so sorry for posting here i didn’t know what caused it to disappear i await there fix

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