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    I created a page which is password protected. Now I can see a few first sentences of this page on my other not password protected page. Please help me. I don’t want this protected page to be shown without my permission. 🙁

    Link to my problem:



    Did you use any plugin to make the password page,

    if so will the build in password feature make the

    same error?




    I turned off the plugin but the problem still exists…



    What happens if You put a empty file named: loop-children.php

    in Your Graphene Child catalog!




    When I put empty loop-children.php into my Graphene catalog the part of password protected page disappeared, which solves my problem.

    The other thing is that all other non protected parts of pages also disappeared from other public pages (I mean the parts under main text with ‘view page’ button).

    Anyway huge thank you goes to you!

    If you have any idea how to show public parts of pages and not show the protected ones please let me know.



    Then You might want to put back the plugin.

    I think its corrected in next Graphene update 🙂




    I’ve just turned on my plugin, website is working correctly.

    Nice, it is corrected in next update but thanks to you I am happy earlier 🙂



    Code is Poetry (In Child Themes 🙂

    Try remove loop-children.php with next update..




    How nice that we have a helpful poets too 😉

    I will do what you said. Thanks again 🙂

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