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    I am looking to have the possibility to show excerpts of my posts on the blog page with 3 or even 4 panes in a horizontal row. I have a static front page and a separate blog page. I can set panes to the front page but not the blog page, or can I? My posts are relatively lengthy and the scrolling needed is not helping my visitors to explore content of their interest.

    Secondly as said I would like to have 3 or even 4 panes next to each other, I have tried to figure out to do so here on the forums but I did not get it to work properly. The image box is a fixed size and I find the crop it automatic makes from images in the post not nice at all. I have been able to tweak the panes a little via CSS.

    I would love to be able to set a specific image for a given post for the purpose of the image in the pane view. Maybe link it to a category or tag even?



    Just looking to my Flipboard magazine in editor mode I suddenly see (almost) exactly what i am looking for:


    *In case the link does not work:

    I have been looking to find grid plugins but they seem not to “just” create a multicolumn view on posts. The panes included in graphene do not cover more then 2 colums, and I would love to have them on the blog page not the static home page (as indicated above)

    How can i solve this?




    Solved it myself. I use a plugin to create the grid responsively: Ubergrid.Is not a simple plugin to master at first but pretty nice results.



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