Pages in Graphene after update are weird format

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    While the main homepage is OK:

    Other pages are messy on a PC:


    Syahir Hakim


    Looks like there’s a mixture of codes from the old version and the new. Do you use any caching plugin on your site? If yes, try clearing the cache. If not, try deleting the theme and reinstalling it again.



    There’s no cacheing on the site and I installed the theme again as you suggested. Still the same issue.

    However, I installed another theme so that visitors while I reinstalled wouldn’t notice a difference. The other theme also worked fine on the home page. When I checked accessing another page (such as the problem with graphene) it reported the theme directory missing.

    Curious, I installed a third theme with exactly the same issue.

    No idea myself why the home page would work in every case and then child pages not.

    Looking around the web I cannot find other folk with this issue 🙁


    Syahir Hakim


    Some further things you can check:

    1. Are you using a child theme?
    2. Try looking in the wp-content folder and see if there’s any folder related to caching.
    3. Check to see if your hosting has a server-side caching enabled. Certain hosts like GoDaddy have caching enabled by default to reduce load on the server.
    4. Check in the wp-config.php file to see if there’s any line related to caching.



    Alas no caching in the config file, as a directory in wp-content or in the cPanel (did a search on “cache” to see if there was anything – I use A2Hosting).

    And the fact that new other themes were installed and their home pages worked but not other pages points to a mysterious difference between the home page and other pages – something has been set incorrectly somewhere.

    The site was working fine until last week.



    I think I’m getting to the bottom of this now – there are two wp-content directories and two wp-config files – one in the website root and one in the WP directory



    Thanks – sorted now. Two instances of themes directory and two wp-config files. Now trying to restore categories and archive widgets to be where they are supposed to be.

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