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  • Debi


    Hi and thanks for a great theme!

    Can you please help me understand how Graphene decided what to place at the bottom of pages: in some cases it puts extracts of (and links to) other pages and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes 1 and sometimes many – despite identical page settings.

    What I’d like is to

    – on same pages, not display anything at the bottom of my contents at all, i.e. no extracts, tasters, links

    – on some pages I’d like to specify which other pages Graphene should display

    I’d much appreciate your help, I’ve not found anything in the settings that seem to affet this, what am I missing?

    The site is

    Many thanks

    Bennie Naude


    Kenneth John Odle


    Can you provide some examples (with links to those pages)?



    Wow that was quick – thanks Kenneth!

    I’ve now worked out why they displayed differently (the one had a child page and the other one not).

    So my only remaining q is: can I specify which ones/not to display, e.g. on this page it displays a whole list of protected pages which I may prefer NOT to show – how do I configure that?




    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure of a way to do that, really. Either parent pages display children or they don’t, regardless of whether they are password-protected or not. You might try searching the plugin repository for one that will do that.



    I searched the repository and couldn’t really find anything relating to hiding only certain child pages. I’m not sure of a way to do this either.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I hate to mention it yet again, but you can forgo child pages altogether and use something like Kalin’s Post List Plugin to create all sorts of useful posts.



    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Or you can try my other favorite, WP Lynx.

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