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  • wilddoktor


    Thanks for the theme; I’m really liking it!

    Being a bit of a WP n00b, I have a few questions…here’s the first.

    I’m using the latest WP for a more traditional website. I’ve created several pages and sub-pages; for example, an About page with 4 sub pages.

    With this theme, I click on the About link, and the About page appears…and at the bottom it has titles and excerpts of all the sub pages.

    Not liking those sub-page references, as I have a custom sidebar menu listing those pages already.

    How do I get rid of those references down below?

    Yep; using a child theme.



    Syahir Hakim


    Have you tried the settings in Graphene Options > Child Page Options ?



    Nope…hadn’t tried that! 🙂

    Tried it just now, and of course it works awesome.

    Thank you very much! Onward…

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