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    I’m new to the Graphene theme and I’m loving it so far. Thanks for all your hard work on it!

    I am trying to implement a feature I first saw on the Weaver theme. (Is that bad form to mention another theme? 😉 ) Basically, it has a “post with pages” template that I think is great. It allows you to have a static page and then select posts based on different criteria (category, tag, etc.) to display at the bottom. An example of a use is a book review feature on my site. I’d like to have some introductory text that gives some background on the reviewers and the kind of resources reviewed, and then have the related posts show up below.

    There are a couple of plugins that sorta do what I’m looking to do (“Post Page Associator” or “List Category Posts”, but they either just list posts in a particular category or they put the post content there but don’t format them like posts in the rest of the theme. I really don’t know PHP, though I can usually go into somebody else’s code and recognize what they are doing. With the “Post Page Associator” plugin, they do have templates on how you want the posts displayed, but I could not figure out what code from Graphene to substitute in so they will look like individual posts with the rounded corner, the fun date graphic, etc.

    Hope I’ve explained myself well. Perhaps I’ll list a “page with posts template” as a “requested feature” as well.



    p.s. I see two “notify me of follow-up posts via email” check boxes in the entry form to create a new topic in the forum. Just FYI.



    Hmmm… would you be able to provide a screenshot, maybe from the Weaver theme, of what you are trying to accomplish?



    Sure thing!

    Here is a shot of another website I have that uses the weaver theme using the template provided in the theme, “page with posts”. This is what I’m looking to do within Graphene.

    Here is a shot of my website with Graphene using the plugin “post page associator”. The plugin has templates built in that can be modified or you can add your own. I just don’t have enough (any) PHP experience to write my own template to mimic the graphene post look. I’d rather not use a plugin, but I suspect this will be the easiest way to make this happen.

    And one final shot that uses a different plugin, “List Category Posts” which only creates a bulleted list of the posts. I like this plugin because it uses shortcode to place the list. It does let you control what information (title, excerpt, date, etc.) gets displayed but no control over how that info looks.



    Sorry for the delay.

    You are correct, not using a plugin would require some code changes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

    However, I’d say the second plugin looks pretty close to what you are trying to accomplish. What do you mean by “mimic” the graphene look? How would you change it?



    By “mimic” I mean for the posts to appear like they do on a post archive page, for example:

    Right now, the plugin displays the posts pretty vanilla.



    Okay, I’ve downloaded the plugin to look at the files. Which option are you using for the “Template” in the settings panel?

    Before we continue, I’m just assuming you want to add the date icon, the “posted by” information, and the rounded corner?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try this plugin:

    The instructions are here:

    You can see an example here:

    It works! You can control the excerpt length and a lot of other features. I am going to be using this a lot.



    Josh, you are correct. I want to add the date icon, the “posted by” info, and the rounded corner as well as the “break” between posts where the background shows through – the effect that kinda makes the posts look like they are floating…sorta. As for the “Template” in the setting panel, I was using the first one as it was showing the most info (title, thumbnail, excerpt) but not the whole post.



    And Kenneth, I will take a look at that plugin, too. I suspect it works on a similar principle as the associate posts with page plugin I’m currently working with. I guess the real question is how does it format the posts and how well does it integrate with the theme it is being used with. As I said above, the plugins I have found all seem to simply treat the post content as an extension of the page, rather than formatting it to look like a series of posts. In some themes, that wouldn’t really be any different I suppose.



    So you are using “Thumbnails Only” or “Default Template”? And I might try using Ken’s example from above first and play around with the options… assuming you are both talking about the same thing. He’s a pretty smart fella!

    It may be worth a shot before we go around trying to re-code a plugin 😉

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