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    I put this first as a support question, as I suspect there is a way to do what I want within the theme already using some plugins. But I also think this would make a nice built-in feature.

    Basically, I’m looking for a page template that is “page with posts,” that is, a static page area that then displays posts underneath it based on criteria selected when creating the page. I saw this feature in the “Weaver” theme and I really liked it. I know I can create a menu item that directs one to the archive of a category, but I want to put some explanatory text on that page. A sticky post without the usually post trappings (date, author, etc.) would almost fit the bill just as well.

    Thanks for a great theme and thanks for even taking the time to have a support forum!! Awesome!!



    Kenneth John Odle


    This plugin might work for you:

    It will allow you to link to selected categories or tags, plus a whole lot of other stuff. If you try it and it works, let us know, because a lot of people are interested in this and ask for it now and then.




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