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    Hello, please excuse my almost total ignorance, have recently started my blog site, and know nothing of html, nor do I understand most of the jargon in WordPress forums nor probably of this one. Someone set up the Graphene theme for me, and I am very happy with its neat lines and uncluttered space.

    I have worked out that I want pages and posts. I have written a couple of both. Have also at last figured out how to use the WordPress editor and get my mind off Microsoft.

    My only problem at present is that the posts look attractive to read, as they are in a contained space with one column or sidebar, but on the pages, the text spreads across the entire monitor as there is no sidebar (which at first I thought was good) and is harder to read because the reading area is too wide.

    I would like the text on the pages to be contained in a narrower space, like the posts. Is that possible and could I do it myself?




    I don’t think that disabling sidebar for pages option is there in Graphene theme. So look at the custom css (Dashboard–> Graphene options–> Display–> Custom CSS styles) and give us the custom CSS code (if any). That will help us to find a solution.

    Other solutions,

    1. You can manually enable sidebar by editing the page and selecting “Two columns, sidebar on the right” option in Page Attributes. Then Update page.

    2nd solution: Go to Dashboard–> Pages, and select all pages. Then click on Quick edit on each page and select “Two columns, sidebar on the right” in Template, then update.

    Image 1. (Quick edit)

    Image 2. (selecting “Two columns, sidebar on the right”)



    In addition to this, if you are using child-themes, please give us the code in style.css file.

    [Dashboard–> Appearance–> Editor–> Stylesheet (style.css) ]



    Wow Prisanna, Talk about detailed instructions 🙂

    Or just add this to your custom CSS:

    .entry-content {
    margin-right: 300px;

    appearance => graphene options => “display” tab => custom css



    Where you can select for each page to have the columns and teh format to how its setup, can you actually change what widgets are available on those columns? When I select it its the widgets I ahve setup for the main page, cant change them, or at least find the option to change them individually for each page.

    On a semi related note, Im trying to setup a second page much like the first page only it will host all blogs of specific catagory. Havign trouble figuring this out as everytime I make a page it wants me to start a new blog on it.



    on the bright side I just rearranged how I wanted the site setup to fit my needs, using proper drop down menus and what not.

    I cant express how much i like this theme, finding out new things constantly, still a bit new to it all =)

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