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    Hi there, first of all thank you so much for this absolute great template, the best I ever worked with!!!

    Saying this I have a problem with finding a way to turn the display of the page title only in pages off.

    The website I’m working on right now is

    I found the tip from Syahir Hakim in the forum and copied the link into the custom child css (see below) but it doesn’t work as you can see if you go to the website mentioned above.

    .page .post-title a,
    .page .post-title a:visited {
    display: none;

    Any other ideas or suggestions???

    Your support is very much appreciated




    Try removing that current CSS and using this:

    .post-title, .post-title a, .post-title a:visited {
    display: none;




    Don’t forget to add the .page selector before the code from Tee_888 if you only want to remove the titles on pages.

    Your code above works… but it only hides the link of the title… not the title itself. By adding the .post-title part in Tee’s code, it will remove the title itself.



    Thanks guys it works,… You just have the best service,… 🙂



    Just as a reference if someone else may want to use this code which defiantly works to turn of the page title in pages but not in posts, here it is:

    .page .post-title, .page .post-title a, .page .post-title a:visited {
    display: none;



    did you just add this to the “custom css” box in the graphene display options menu?



    Yes I did!



    That did the trick, thanks!



    Nice that it worked for you,… 🙂

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