Page title rewrite is not working correctly with Graphene 1.6

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    Hi All!

    I’m not sure it’s a Graphene issue but would anyone take a look?

    I’m using WP 3.3.1, Graphene 1.6 and Platinum SEO Pack 1.3.7. In the SEO pack the page title rewrite is set to %blog_title% | %page_title% but on my pages (except HOME) it seems like %blog_title% | %page_title% » %blog_title%. It worked well before updating to Graphene 1.6.

    Does anyone have any idea what can cause this?

    BTW, the same thing happens to posts.

    Thank you in advance…



    One more thing.

    A few days ago, I also had the slider-stopping problem. Then I uploaded the jquery tools js file and updated the theme-scripts.php file accordingly (which by the way solved the slider issue) and now I experience the problem described above regarding the title rewrite.

    Can you see any connection?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try going to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Miscellaneous Display Options and playing around with the settings under “Site title options”.

    SEO plugins are a notorious pain in the bum sometimes because they try to rewrite code according to what the plugin author thinks is good SEO practice, and are designed to work well with the one or two themes they were tested under–but it’s just impossible to make a plugin that works perfectly with all themes. Especially one of these “all-in-one” plugins that do (or try to do) so much.



    I can’t see the reason but I changed Custom Page Title Settings from “nothing” to “#post-title” and now everything’s okay.


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