Page Title needs to be H1 not H2 (for SEO purposes)

  • yigith


    Hi there, Theme’s looking great, just trying to solve a couple of issues.

    I’ve looked at the Source of my new pages, and the TITLE of the Page is a H2.

    I need to change this to a “H1” a.s.a.p. as that’s required for the search engines.

    The code around the Page Title is:

    >> [ h2 class=”post-title” ] (square brackets used so text will show up in forum)

    but I can’t find “post-title” in the CSS in the Dashboard:

    >> Appearance / Editor / Graphene: Stylesheet (style.css)

    Can someone please let me know how I can change this main Page Title to be H1?

    Many thanks in advance!!!!

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