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  • dbphoto1981


    Hi, how would I make the page title ‘bold’ on my site? at the moment it is not bold, I am able to change it’s colour but cant see how or where to change it to bold?

    Any help would be great, thanks 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Add to css:

    font-weight: bold



    Thanks, which part of the css should I add it to?



    Add this to custom CSS

    .entry-title {
    font-weight: bold;



    Thats great, thanks 🙂 just what i was after.



    One more question, when the pages are viewed in the Slider, the font is different to that on the page. How do I make the font for this the same as the rest of the site, which is Tahoma, I cant find this in the setting anywhere?



    Link to your site?



    hi, sorry, the site is:


    .featured_slider p {
    font-family: tahoma;



    I’ve put that in the custom css but it is not showing differently in the slider on the home page? but shows fine on the pages themselves? any idea why?

    Thanks for the help 🙂

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