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    I noticed that the page titles at the top tab only show the homepage which is a static frontpage called “Welcome” and then the “Articles” page. . . for every other page, when I click on the menu to go to that page. . the top tab title still says “Articles”. The page shows fine. . .if I go to, say. . the “About Us” page. . the top tab title (next to the favicon) still says “Articles”. . .I’ve looked at all the pages and I’ve gone thru all my custom menu settings. . .I’m flumoxed!. . Thanks for any help



    Please give the URL of your site.

    Are you using any SEO plugin which modifies post title? One such example is WordPress SEO by Yoast.



    Thanks for your help. . .my site is . .and no, I have not installed any SEO plugins such as SEO by Yoast. Thanks



    I just stumbled into a solution to the problem. I went to the Misc display options and deleted “Articles” from the “custom content page title” and left it blank. . that worked. However a new slight problem. Now in each page title tab. . it includes other info “Coalition for American Renewal”. . How would I get that remove so just the page title appears?


    Syahir Hakim


    That’s the default site title structure for the theme. You can modify it in Graphene Options > Display > Miscellaneous Display Options > Site title options.



    Thanks. . .I see that area.. . .Just one small issue. . .what would be the correct input to just display the page title without the added >Coalition for American Renewal? . ..I’ve tried #site-name and I get “Coalition for American Renewal” displayed in the tab. I tried #site-desc and I get a long sentence of something. What is the proper tag for just page title? The default will work okay . .it’s just the “The Coalition for American Renewal” runs off after the word “Coalition” . .so that part doesn’t display. It’s just an appearance issue. .I can live with it otherwise. By the way.. .great template. . love it! Thanks for the help



    Adding #post-title in Custom content pages site title will show only Post title.

    Don’t forget to add #site-name in Custom front page site title.



    Bingo! . . done and done. . .Thanks Prasanna and Syahir Hakim

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