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    I have a rather strange issue with the Graphene theme – probably it came up when I updated to WordPress 4.0:

    On my website I have a section with my categories of posts named “Vollrausch” and “Antiquitext”. Now if I go to them:


    and I want to go back and forth at the top of the content with the numbers like “page 1 of 4 …” (called here in german “Seite 1 von 4”), I can’t click forward on the pages 2,3 and 5 in “Vollrausch”. In “Antiquitext” it doesn’t work on the pages 2 and 4. All other pages work fine.

    The problem can’t be caused by a single post, because it doesn’t occur for a certain post. If I display only one post per page (now it’s 2), I still can’t navigate to the pages 2,3 and 5 respective 2 and 4. And if I go directly to the posts they show up. But unfortunately not, if I just want to browse through them with the previous/next buttons.

    For example this link works:

    but not this:

    neither this:

    Do you have any clue where the cause of this problem lies? I would be very happy for a solution!

    Thanks in advance

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