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  • TWA


    I just updated to the latest theme version and page / post titles are now blue not the colours previously set in the Graphene options

    e.g. (after slider) and

    Is there a way to return these to the colours they were set to previously?


    (Also I see the post date icon has changed – has it been set so we now have different images to choose from?)


    Syahir Hakim


    For the blue post title colour, see this:

    The post date icon image has been changed for two reasons:

    1. The new image is more “modern” compared to the previous one (though this can be subjective, I admit)

    2. The new image is GPL-licensed

    3. The new image will blend better with any colour (such is the wonder of grey tones). Often times when I see sites with customised colours, the old blue icon sticks out like a sore thumb.



    Thanks for your quick response Syahir – I’m away from the computer now but I’ll read that post at the weekend / change this to ‘resolved’

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