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    I am having several problems–at the website that I am trying to help set up, I am trying make a user directory page. I have two experimental pages: User Directory1 and User Directory2. Both pages should be visible only to registered users with the right roles, but anyone can see them (though they get a message saying “Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.” as they are viewing the content.

    The first uses the WordPress Users Plugin, and for some reason makes two lists–on at the top on the left, and one at the bottom on the right. Though the plugin is set to show avatars, it doesn’t; if you click on a user, it still doesn’t show an avatar, but it gives the correct sign up date. It does not show topics started or replies, only some old posts/comments before we disabled posts/comments (this is meant to be a forum with only topics and replies).

    The second page uses the Users Widget, whose origin I have not succeeded in determining. I can’t find any documentation for it–any help with it would be much appreciated. If you click on a user, it shows a blank avatar, and no useful information at all–just some posts/comments that have nothing at all to do with the user.

    Any help on any or all of these issues would be greatly appreciated.

    Martin (a newbie)



    I wish I could help.. but this is more of a plugin issue than it is a theme issue. Perhaps the plugins you are using have support forums of their own?

    The default wordpress method of protecting content… well… sucks. I would highly suggest using a top-rated plugin, or even a premium plugin if you are serious about wanting to protect your content.

    I use premium plugins to protect my content… but perhaps this free one might do the trick if you are on a budget.

    Good Luck!




    thanks! I have for the moment removed the permissions restrictions on the two pages, but I will install the plugin that you suggest. The restriction that wasn’t working was part of the “Members” plugin–and it turns out, so is the mysterious “Users” widget. So I went there for support–and you have to pay to read the forum! Very frustrating. Is there another way to edit the powers of various users without this plugin?

    The WordPress Users Plugin has a free support forum, but it’s very sleepy–I posted questions there a day ago, and there is no sign of life.

    Any suggestions, other plugins, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!




    Yeah, unfortunately quality support is rare to find. You will usually find excellent support on premium plugins and themes… or plugins and themes with very devoted developers and followers… like we have here at Graphene 🙂

    But don’t let us spoil you. Typical response times on forums can sometimes be up to 3 to 5 days. Don’t get discouraged… just be patient.

    Ummm… another plugin.

    Well, HOW important is it you protect this content? Like I said, I use premium plugins.

    What are you wanting to protect? Is it absolutely imperative this content NEVER be accessible to the public, hackers, etc.?



    Actually, it wasn’t very important, so for the moment I’ve removed the restriction altogether.

    Do you know how I can find out about “author” pages–they seem to be things that should

    have information about users, but don’t. It doesn’t seem to be associated to one particular


    Thanks again!




    Here is a quick search from the repository:




    I don’t think that is what I am looking for; if you go to, for example HERE,

    you get this generic page; except for author=1, which gives real information about the first person who registered, this gives

    the same thing for all users; the number author=n corresponds to the n’th person who registered.

    So I have two questions–how can I make this have real information, and how can I make it list recent replies and/or topics started

    rather than posts and comments.

    Thanks a lot!


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