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    Hi, I have a site in which only one category is selected to be shown in the front page loop. Everything is fine but the title for older posts pages. The total number of pages in title includes also pages that would be present only if all categories were selected for front page.

    Perhaps I was not very clear, may be is better if you see an example:

    Here you can see that I have only 5 pages for the front page loop, but the title says “page 2 of 14”




    Note also that the pagination plugin shows the correct number of pages.


    Syahir Hakim


    What plugin are you using to create the custom page title?



    Actually I’m using a plugin (Yoast WordPress SEO), but I tried disabling title rewriting before posting here, and the result was the same. But you are true, if I completely disable the plugin page number in title disappears, so this is plugin related. Sorry for wasting your time.



    Syahir Hakim


    Try asking the plugin’s author about it. If he says that it’s something that I need to change on my end, post back here and let me know.



    I had no luck with them. I opened a topic in their support forum but got no answer so far.

    Never mind, I’ll live without page number in title, I’ve just removed it in plugin options.



    Check Dashboard –> SEO –> Titles and Metas –> Taxonomies. You must be having %%page%% in Title template for Category, like %%category%% - %%page%% - %%sitename%%. Replace it with %%category%% - %%pagenumber%% - %%sitename%%



    Great, I just removed %%page%%, without adding %%pagenumber%%. This really helps, thanks! Even if this way the number 1 appears on the first page title, that is not so nice probably. I’ll see what to do when I’ll be back from my winter holidays, next week. I’m going to play with the snow tomorrow!


    Great, I just removed %%page%%, without adding %%pagenumber%%.

    I had replied with just %%category%% - %%sitename%%. Then I edited my post with adding %%pagenumber%%. 😀

    I’m going to play with the snow tomorrow!

    Cool! Enjoy your holidays!

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