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    Hi All,

    I am sincerely hoping that some one here can help me with this…

    I recently built a WordPress website for a family member using the Graphene theme. After about a week of customizing the theme to their exact specifications, everything was working perfectly. About two weeks later, the site randomly stopped working. When you visit the page, nothing loads.

    See site here:

    I can still access the Dashboard via “…/wp-admin”, so I know it is not a server issue. If I activate any other theme, the site loads fine. I have narrowed it down to be some kind of issue with the Graphene theme not loading correctly. This is strange because I am using Graphene on another site that I built and it is still working perfectly. (It is a fantastic theme by the way!)

    I’d really appreciate any help that you can give me, as I need to get this site back online and operational as soon as possible. I am happy to provide any additional information that will help to diagnose this issue, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thank you in advance!



    Well, A Child Theme is not only great when You update 🙂




    I haven’t updated anything yet. so a child theme wouldn’t necessarily have changed anything. The WordPress dashboard is prompting me to update to the new version of Graphene, but would that fix the issue? Nothing was changed on my end that would have caused it to stop working, so I am not sure what the culprit is.

    Also, will a child theme reflect changes that have been made to the PHP files, or only CSS adjustments?



    Believe me, making a Child Theme is the best advice.

    Child Theme: style.css reflect CSS adjustments, functions.php covers the most PHP changes.

    Simple as that, please read the link again 🙂




    Thank you Kim. I think I actually got it working, but I am going to go back in and create a child theme anyway just to be safe.

    Thank you again for your help!

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