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    I have a website which uses the Graphene theme and has been working fine for over a year. Just over a week ago the customer emailed to say their website was loading very slowly. I tried disabling plugins but it made no difference. I then switched themes to Twenty Twenty One and the website was back to normal load time. Nothing significant has changed since the initial set up except the standard WordPress updates and some page edits. The site is running version 2.8.4 with a child theme – it loads slowly with or without the child theme activated. I contacted the hosting provider first time it happened and they reset something (not sure what!) and got the site working again but 10 days later it’s happened again. They told me the site needed optimising because there was a large video – but I removed it and nothing’s changed. The website is



    Removing the logo in the page header has solved the problem and the website now loads, but if I upload a new logo the problem comes back.


    Syahir Hakim


    Can you try uploading a logo again? We’ll have a look to see if anything specific is causing the logo to be loaded slowly.



    Hi, I have ‘fixed’ the issue by resizing the header image so that the height is the same as the recommended height. I’m sure this wasn’t necessary previously – the header image I uploaded when I set the site up was bigger than the recommended height and didn’t cause any problems. UnfortunatelyI can’t really upload an image which slows the website down now unless I can change it straight back … the school would not be happy! I might be able to do it if it was possible to coordinate with you?


    Syahir Hakim


    If the image is significantly bigger than the recommended size, and the server is slow, then yes that could potentially lead to slow loading of the image.

    I noticed that the images in the homepage slider also loads a bit slowly, even though the file size is less than 100kb. This does suggest that the server has slow connection speed.

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