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    Each time I attempt to Save Draft, Update, or Publish a post – I get an error message that says “This page can’t be displayed.” (In Chrome it says “No data received” and gives the error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.)

    This also appears to temporarily shut down my entire blog. If I attempt to view the blog, even in different browsers, I get the same error screen. Luckily, it only seems to last for two minutes or so. Then I can see the blog, log back in and edit posts… But I am completely unable to update any of them or schedule/post new ones, which is a big problem. (We have a post that needs to be published tomorrow morning, but I can’t make it happen!)

    I’ve tried a few things, such as updating and/or disabling certain plugins, updating my version of WordPress, etc. I’ve looked through several support forums and they generally seem to point to custom themes – which is what has led me here.

    This is very frustrating because every time I edit or write a new post, none of my changes are saved or published – I just get the “This page can’t be displayed” message. Please help! And thank you.

    The blog address is: http://blog.ncminstitute.com/



    Never mind, I think I have fixed the problem. I’m pretty sure the error was being caused by a wysiwyg editor plugin. It is disabled and all seems to be well.

    Prasanna SP


    In case you need a WYSIWYG plugin, check Ultimate TinyMCE by Josh Lobe.

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