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    Thanks for the beautiful theme.

    I have what I am sure is a silly question–I cannot get the custom page background to appear in IE (7, 8, 9).

    I set it in the Graphene Options Background section, and it works fine for Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. In IE, however, the background is just black.

    I tried using the custom CSS section to set the background, but that didn’t work since the background is set later (if I am reading the source code correctly).

    Here is my url:

    Thanks for your help.



    Yeah, IE is my nemesis!!

    Give this plugin a try and see what you can do. I use it for rotating backgrounds and it displays fine across all browsers. I haven’t played with the settings recently, but I’m sure there is an option to use a single background image for all pages.



    Doubtless I am being extra dim here.

    If you mean using the visual editor plugin, are you saying that if I put some HTML in directly on the page, specifying the page background, that will work?

    Thanks for such a lightning fast reply!



    Oops… I completely forgot to post the link. So sorry.

    There… that might help 🙂

    (The visual editor plugin is something I wrote, and link it to my signature page here. It has nothing to do with the post mentioned above.)




    Thanks for the suggestion–always nice to find out about more plugins.

    For this site, though, I really only wanted one background for all the pages, and didn’t need any of the extra plugin features. Am saving that for a future project–looks cool.

    I wound up changing the format of the background image from a gif to a png. No clue why that worked, but it did. Now IE7, 8 and 9 display the background instead of ignoring the setting in the CSS file.

    Thanks again for helping.

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