Page and sub-page not showing in the menu bar

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    I have recreated a Page and have also created a category for it but it is not appearing in my menu bar. As you can see It only shows “About” “Services” & “Contact”. No sign of my fourth

    Could really do with some help on this as I have spent hours trying to figure it out and am about to throw in the towel and try another theme which I am reluctant to do because I like the general feel and look of this one.


    Syahir Hakim


    Topic moved to the Support section. Please post in the correct section next time.

    When you’re using the Custom Menu feature, new pages won’t be automatically added to the menu. You would have to manually add the new pages to your custom menu, or tick the “Automatically add new top-level pages” option in your Custom Menu. This is the standard WordPress behaviour for that feature.

    For more information regarding Custom Menu, see this page:

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