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  • Skivey


    Hello again 🙂


    I have a padding below the navbar which is making my adsense looking a little misplaced. I have lots of custom CSS and trawled through it to see if I could sort this, but to no avail.

    Do you have any idea what the css rule is to reduce this padding?





    Just to add, I’m unable to see any adsense on my macbook, unsure if its a plugin I’ve installed before on my mac browser? I can see it all on my mobile phone though.

    Its meant to be adlinks under the navbar and a responsive adbox at the bottom above footer.

    Are you able to see these or is it just me?



    Kenneth John Odle



    #content {
    padding-top: 5px;



    Brilliant, thanks Kenneth!

    Again, I can’t emphasise how amazing this theme is. Being slightly more knowledgable in it now I hope to be able to offer support as and when I can as a thank you.



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