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  • gak


    The following comment is found in the page.php file. Could you help me understand when it is saying:

    /* Run the loop to output the pages.

    * If you want to overload this in a child theme then include a file

    * called loop-page.php and that will be used instead.


    Is is just asking me to put a copy of loop-page.php in the child theme folder?

    What do they mean by “overload”?



    Kenneth John Odle


    I believe that is if you want the loop to run differently, to include different things in your posts. This has been made largely (but not entirely) superfluous by the use of Graphene action hook widget areas.

    See this:


    and this:


    I may be entirely mistaken, however. This is one of those things I always wanted to experiment with, but haven’t had the time.



    Thanks Kenneth,

    I was able to build header and footer files with the all appropriate hooks (those in the loop-page.php file). Script developed content is between the header and footer include files. Working good.


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