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    Don’t paste the entire code of the parent functions file to child theme’s functions.php. It could breakdown your site. Child theme’s functions doesn’t override the parent themes function. So, just put the custom function into your child theme’s functions.php



    I understand, ok Prasanna !

    This is the same for header.php, for example ?

    I write in child theme/header.php, my modification only inside ?

    For CSS, I write “@import url(“../twentyten/style.css”);” and the modif only after inside ?



    Import Graphene theme’s style sheet. Not twenty ten’s!

    @import url(“../graphene/style.css”);



    Thanks for your response. But it don’t work, there is two spaces without articles, and there is 2 articles of 6 specified in my option.




    Oh! My mistake. Homepage pane has only two columns. I’ll look into it and will get back soon if I find a solution.



    Thanks for your works 😉

    Little question : I put “offset => 5” in index.php on line $args for the query_posts, but it don’t work. I do it because i don’t want duplication post in widget post. You have an idea ?



    @ Prasanna :

    Thank you ! I am not here this weekend.

    I will finish the child theme Monday.

    I will inform you, thank you very much !!!



    Hi, you find a solution ? 🙂

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