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  • ysraz


    I am trying to set up my front page to display certain posts from a category I choose.
    I am using Graphene Pro, and set up the Masonry display to 2 columns.
    I have tried playing with the post publishing date, and while it gives me some control over the order the posts are displayed, others seem to be on top, no matter what date I give them.
    How can I set the order the posts appear manually?
    The page is on a closed site, so I can’t post a link.
    Thank you for helping


    Syahir Hakim


    With posts, by default you can only order them chronologically. If certain posts always appear on top regardless of the date, check to see if those posts are marked as “sticky”.

    If you’d like to manually order the posts, try using the following plugin: Intuitive Custom Post Order.



    Hi Syahir,
    All posts have been marked as “Sticky”, but no matter the chronological order, one of them keeps showing on top.
    The order seems to have something to do with the post ID number, not the chronological date of publishing.
    I prefer not to use an external plugin, but to solve this within Graphene.

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