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  • Ana-V


    Hi, everybody!

    I’m a begginer blogger and I don’t know anything about php, css, htlm or anything, but I’ve been experimenting and found the support of this forum very helpful! Thanks for your great help.

    Here is my blog: http://www.viajarnafranca.com

    All comments are welcome 🙂

    I’m still trying to find a good color palette that looks stylish and professional.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I like the color scheme you have, but I like Color Scheme Designer to help me sort out those decisions. You can find it here:


    I love the favicon, although you might want to add just a little antialiaising to it.

    You have lots of great content. Makes we wish I knew Portugese. Pictures of France? Pictures of French food? Pommes frites? Oh, yes. These make me very happy. Pictures of Eurodisney? Um, not so much.



    Thanks for the feedback Kenneth! I’m going to check the website you mentioned to get some ideas 🙂 I also think that my favicon looks a little weird, but I have no idea how to fix it! I’m going to look that up.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try this for your favicon:


    Just upload your large file and it generates a 16×16 favicon you can save and then upload.



    I have used Adobe’s Kuler, which is also a great tool for pre-established color schemes.


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