Opening images in a lightbox when using WP's native gallery

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    Am currently using a plugin for this feature and just thinking that it would be great if some future theme update could provide this feature out of the box~


    Syahir Hakim


    We did think about adding this feature some time back, but discovered that it was against the themes directory policy to have themes adding features that are considered as “plugin territory”.

    In addition to that, there are many different implementations of lightbox feature out there, with different features and styling. Selecting which one fits your site the best is mostly down to personal preference, which we could not cater to as a default choice.



    Understood.. it makes sense. Thanks for getting back anyway!



    Enable Lightbox in native WP Galleries

    There will be occasions when you want to use the native WordPress galleries.

    By default, these will link to the attached image and not open up in lightbox.

    To open in lightbox, click the “Add Media” button and edit the images / gallery.

    There is an option to “Link to Image” or “Link to Attached Image”.

    You want to select “Link to Image” and this will then open those images in lightbox.

    Save your changes afterward and update your post for it to be reflected on your site.



    @Leon745 Lol it doesn’t work

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