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    When publishing a page only the first 21 words of what must be at least a 200 word page shows up. This should be a static page. I thought there may be some way to adjust the displayed word count, thinking the theme was seeing my page as perhaps a short comment.

    I’ve been at this for a day and a half. I’m going crazy. What is the solution?





    1. Include the URL of your site while asking questions. Do you have 3 column layout?

    2. One of your plugins may be changing the excerpt length to 21 words. So, temporarily deactivate all plugins to check if any of them is causing the issue.

    3. You may have entered the 21 word text in the Custom Excerpt field. Check it.



    Thank You for your response!

    After deactivating my plugins the problem persists. After reporting the issue to my host support, they felt there was a problem with the script installation. After re-installing wordpress, all is currently working.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

    PS: I’m very sorry for not including the URL:http:// I’m new to all this!

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