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    Hi just thought I’d offer some feedback on my experience with the new look theme. (now using 2.0.2)

    I was trying to set white (#ffffff) as the colour for “Post and pages content background” the colour would always default to a gray shade. I could set the colour to red or blue or yellow or anything else and that change would take, but white (#ffffff) would never work after being saved.

    I found that by changing the code ever so slightly (e.g. #fcfcfc) then that worked fine. I don’t know if other users are finding the same thing or whether it’s just a quirk with my installation, or whether it is a design of the theme or WordPress in general, but I thought I would pass on my experience just in case.

    Another thing is a question/suggestion. I have managed to change my content areas font to Arial, and while I don’t mind the font that’s now the default across the theme, I was wondering if it might be possible to be able to set fonts using the “Customise” feature rather than inserting additional coding.

    But if the fonts can’t be changed within the menus, is there a relatively simple way to achieve this? Like I said I don’t mind the font as it is but it’s nice to have the flexibility if it is possible.

    Thanks for your time, again.

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