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  • daltonskygazer


    Bravo on the new features for color support in latest Theme update!!

    One feature I would love to see added is having a choice of color for the main menu down arrow sprite V which is white by default. Maybe option to change this sprite to the light shade of gray seen in the themes basic color pallete or perhaps to turn sprite off? This would allow for bit more diversity with other color options to blend in a bit better. Perhaps even up to 3 basic colors choices would be great! I absolutely love the Graphene Theme and changes made since I first used it. Thanks!!

    BTW I get many compliments on the look of my site.


    Kenneth John Odle


    To turn it off, add this to custom CSS:

    #header-menu > > a {
    background-url (none);

    Likewise, using the above code, you can specify whatever you like for this graphic. For example, here I used your feed icon image in its place:




    Thanks Ken this did the trick, shut the sprite off. Took few minutes today and also increased the resolution at the site from 960 up to 1280 along with new header image and some other cosmetic adjustments. Looks nice. Love Graphene!

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