On internet explorer I noticed today randomly on one page my pictures show but blank?

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    On internet explorer I noticed today randomly on one page my pictures don’t show correctly instead they show as empty blank boxes YET on Google Chrome, and FireFox they show perfectly. It used to be fine before? Any ideas what’s going on and how I can fix this?

    When I sign in from Internet explorer and upload some pics from my desktop as an Admin, again only blank picture less boxes appear as options. I can click it and upload it but it wont appear sometimes and when it does I might not see it using Internet explorer. This happened randomly today?

    Here is a link to my only page that iv noticed this problem on so far?

    Page with picture problems on only Internet Explorer for me?

    -Thank You for any help


    Kenneth John Odle


    Using Firefox, everything looks okay to me.



    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes but as an Admin on Internet explorer or just using Internet explorer this happens? It worked perfectly this is a problem that came out of no where


    Kenneth John Odle

    Yes but as an Admin on Internet explorer or just using Internet explorer this happens?

    If you are the only admin, the solution is to not use IE, or at least anything less than IE9. What version of IE are you using?

    It worked perfectly this is a problem that came out of no where

    Well….no. Problems don’t just come out of nowhere. They are usually a result of our changing something (adding, deleting, updating), a result of our host doing something (upgrades, security changes, etc.), or an attack of some sort. But most often, they are just a result of our not noticing this happening before. Hence, the need to take good notes (something I tend to forget to do in the heat of creation).

    But looking a bit more closely now, I see the major problem you are having is that, for whatever reason, that page is loading full-sized images instead of thumbnails, and your images are huge. The first one clocks in at over 4MB, the smallest I noticed was at just under 900kb. This is why we use thumbnails. Using thumbnails means that

    1. Thumbnails load quicker than full-size images. (Pages that take forever to load are a disincentive for people to stay on your site.)
    2. The load on your server is reduced. (It’s much less work for your server to serve a bunch of 15kb thumbnails than it is a bunch of 2MB images. This workload adds up after a while.)

    The solution here is two-fold: First, use thumbnails on that page. Second, reduce the size of those files. It’s doubtful anyone coming to that page is going to print those pictures, and yet you’ve provided high enough resolution for them to do so. Use GIMP or Photoshop to trim those photos down.

    Your IE install probably doesn’t have the memory to deal with these large image files.



    How can I make the dimensions of the images on that page smaller through wordpress? I went to a picture on there and saw no options to make it a different size?

    Thank you so much for telling me that.

    And Question, you said “Thumbnails load quicker than full-size images”

    ok I agree, but aren’t like all my pictures on my page seen small, (except one picture) loaded small UNLESS you click it to see it enlarged. So its technically a thumbnail right? So it should be fast?


    Kenneth John Odle


    No. A thumbnail is a smaller version of the same image. It is a separate file that is created by WordPress, which WP displays on your page or posts and which links to the larger version.

    Go to Settings >> Media and see what your image sizes are there. That’s what controls the size of your thumbnails.



    my Medium size is se to 300 by 300

    and large is set to 1024 by 1024

    thumbnail is 150 by 150 (with crop box checked)

    jpeg quality is 90

    What should I change? What do you think?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Those settings are fine, but they are (apparently) being ignored on that page. How did you add those images to that page? Are you using a plugin?



    I am not using a plugin I am doing “create a gallery” when I added images to that page. And I gotten some work done in the past from Syahir Hakim where he added the look where if I create a gallery, and someone clicks an image from the hallery the image opens up on that page not an attachment page. That why I do create a gallery, but its not a plugin

    How can I fix this problem on this page?



    any ideas how I can fix this ?

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