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    Hi guys,

    Just discovered this today when i went searching for one of my posts on my blog page. I have a static page and blog page set up.


    On the blog page http://abasketballjones.com/blog at the bottom when i click ”Older Posts” it showed the link of http://abasketballjones.com/blog/page/2/ but it actually redirects and shows the front page, but with the url of http://abasketballjones.com/page/2/ this time around

    Anyone got any idea what has happened? I haven’t fiddled with any settings lately that should cause that and i’m pretty certain it used to work.




    1. Check Permalink Settings.

    2. Temporarily Deactivate all plugins and check again.



    (Off the topic talk)

    Your site is badly suffering from pingback/trackback spam..



    My permalinks structure is custom and has always been: /%year%/nba/news/%postname%/

    Deactivated all plugins.

    Just discovered this plugin: WP No Category Base – WPML compatible

    Removes ‘/category’ from your category permalinks. WPML compatible.

    Can’t remember when the hell i installed that, but when i deactivate, the /blog page is a 404 error page…

    Also, when i upgraded to new WP the other day, it reset my comments settings and i got attacked by spam, but thanks.



    /%year%/nba/news/%postname%/ doesn’t seem to be a valid permalink structure. You have to use tags only.



    I changed the permalink to a pre-set one. Still same result. Before i some how managed to get to older posts, but the url was completely different.

    I’ve sent a question to wordpress people, hopefully they come up with something also.

    Thanks Prasanna



    Do you use any SEO plugin? A misconfiguration(?) of canonical URLs might be causing the issue.



    I have SEO Ultimate .. I deactivated that before, no change.



    Try deactivating all plugins once again and change permalink structure to Post name (/%postname%/). Then clear browser cache.



    Can you try it now please. On my mozilla browser, it seems to be ok, on IE it doesn’t..

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