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  • jrdemott


    i’ve configured twitter widget in the sidebar. i thought it was initially working. but now i notice that the number of tweets shown has an offset of 3. that is, number of tweets shown is x – 3. so i have set the variable to 7 for the widget to show 4 tweets. is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? see thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    I can’t seem to reproduce this bug..It’s working fine in my test server..



    It was the same at my site.

    My first conclusion was, that the Widget displays less Tweets, when they have more text. E.g.: my setting is 7, so when their are 7 tweets with the full 140 digits, than it shows only 5 of them.


    since today, only one tweet is displayed, and it’s not the latest. It’s a tweed from yesteday. The three new ones and the tweeds before that aren’t displayed anymore. Something is going wrong…

    Have a look:



    Hmm… here some additional infos.

    It seems, that the widget only displays the latest “normal” tweet. My retweets didn’t show up. Maybe that’s the problem and a bug?

    To see what I mean, compare the tweets on and on my site

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