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  • jbergen23


    how/where do I change the # of posts that appear on my homepage? I noticed the last 5 posts on my homepage are overlapping somehow and now all of my ads/widgets in the sidebar are appearing UNDER all of my posts on the Homepage. Please help!





    Hi Jen,

    Go to your admin panel -> settings -> reading -> “blog pages show at most”…

    You can change this to whatever number you like.


    Kenneth John Odle


    One of your widgets is most likely missing a closing </div>.

    Probably the first one.



    Thanks Josh, I was able to change the # of posts on the homepage but it didn’t make a difference with my widgets. I thought it would b/c after my 5th most recent post, the white layout part of each post was overlapping weird?! So I checked all of my widgets in the sidebar and they seem fine (with endings and all). The only thing I can think of is that this seemed to occur after I tried to switch an ad code in the header on the header style sheet. The person who helped design my blog put in a section that says “Place horizontal ads here” and all I would have to do was cut and paste a new one in there when I wanted to change a banner (ad). I changed it and then all of this seemed to have happened. So I obviously deleted it right away (and currently have no banner ad there) but all of my other widgets are still at the bottom. I also noticed that if you click on “older posts” at the end of my homepage (after the last post) that page seems fine and all the widgets pop up in the sidebar where they are supposed to so it’s JUST on the homepage. any other ideas? Thanks!



    Does it looks OK after publishing new post?

    Seems to me that #post nav-clearfix, stuck under post div id.

    Perhaps some plug in issue?



    yes now it looks fine with 2 new longer posts (at least it does on my homepage)……now it’s just page 2 & 3 that are screwed up but I guess I’ll just have to post more and then they will be “history” soon! 🙂 In your 2nd sentence above, what does #post nav-clearfix, stuck under post div id. mean? sorry I’m not too good with this stuff!

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