Not picking up Graphene Options and custom.css–possibly problem with temporary IP address?

  • alisoncerier


    My site is not picking up changes made in the Graphene Options section and in my child theme’s custom.css. For example, I’ve hidden my top bar in the Graphene Options, but it’s still showing. Similarly, I’ve changed the nav bar to have a dark background (using a custom.css in a child theme), but it’s still showing the pale grey background. There are a lot of other issues, but those are easy to see.

    Could the problem have anything to do with the fact that it’s at a temporary IP address as I’m moving a new host? Any other ideas why the customisations wouldn’t be seen?

    Working site on old host is New site is


    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t see a top bar and the nav bar has a light blue background. I can see your child theme style sheet (nicely organized, BTW. Well done!) and your original 1.6 stylesheet.

    Try emptying your browser cache and disabling any caching plugins and see if that helps to take care of things.

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