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    I would like to make the titles of my posts bold. I have gone to “Graphene Options / Display / Text Style Options” and set “Description text weight” to “bold.” When that did not work I tried setting “Title text weight” and a few other things to “bold” and “italic” and…. but none of the text on my site appears to change no matter what I do. I expect this is related to the post at, but that topic is closed now and the solution appears to be well beyond my skill level anyway as I can’t even find the referenced file in the control panel.

    Perhaps I’m missing a simple setting somewhere? Or perhaps this should be considered a “bug” if it actually requires replacing a file? Or perhaps I should just type my post titles in all caps and call it good.



    Add this to Custom CSS.

    .entry-title {
    font-weight: bold !important;



    Thank you, but it’s still a no go. I have discovered that in “Graphene Options / Display / Text Style Options” I can change the settings for “Content Area” and they work, but none of the settings for “Title” or “Description” have any effect. Likewise, I used the “Custom CSS” area to paste in the text that you provided, but it had no effect. However, when I changed “title” to “content” it turned the content body bold. So both the text style options and custom CSS functions are working, but neither has any effect on post titles.

    One other interesting observation – when I click to refresh the view of my actual web pages, the post titles and widget titles momentarily turn bold, for just a split second, then revert to normal again. This happens whether or not I have the custom CSS or text style options set to “bold.” I get exactly the same results on Firefox, IE and Chrome.

    FYI – This is a new install of WordPress on a new hosting account running from a temporary address ( The only plugins are Akismet / Blubrry PowerPress / Jetpack by / Open external links in a new window / Velvet Blues Update URLs / WP Super Cache.


    but none of the settings for “Title” or “Description” have any effect.

    That title is not the post title. It’s the site title and description which appears on the header image.

    Try adding this to Custom CSS.

    .entry-title, .entry-title a {
    font-weight: bold !important;



    Sorry to have to say it, but I’ve copied and pasted into the Custom CSS area and I’m still getting exactly the same results, including the odd behavior of the post title turning bold for just a second while the page is reloading, then going back to normal. It isn’t a big deal. It’s a great theme with or without bold post titles.



    Where exactly did you put that code? It is nowhere in your site.



    In the WordPress dashboard, I went to Appearance / Graphene Options / Display / Custom CSS then clicked the “Save All Options” button, then the blue “Save Options” button. Here’s a screen capture of what it looks like. I doubt that my using a temporary URL could have anything to do with it. It will probably a couple weeks yet before I switch the domain to point to this server, but we could see if anything changes then.




    Go to Graphene Options –> Advanced –> Move generated CSS and check if I have moved the generated CSS option is selected. If it it checked, uncheck it and save options. Reload your site.



    It is not checked and I’m quite confident I never checked it as checking stuff that I don’t understand tends to scare me. As for reloading the site, that’s another thing I don’t understand and would have to read some instructions about before attempting it.




    I am having the same issue. I too have done the same things you’ve done and experience the same issue where I see it momentarily appear bold then revert.

    I also have a fresh new install, hosting and no plug-ins activated or install. I am very curious to see how this turns out. I posted my own thread regarding this, but seeing as how you’ve gotten more responses than mine, I will just follow this thread instead and deactivate my original one.

    I would like to change all my head tag fonts to Times New Roman and Bold in the color Red.

    Thanks guys!

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