Nofollow external links in Message block (warning,error,notice,important)

  • noceda



    First of all thanks for this wonderfull theme!

    I am using the message blocks to put inside external links… the problem is that the plugin I am using for Nofollow external links does not work with this message block…

    What can I do to make message blocks to have included the rel-nofollow?

    The visits to my blog has droped more than 50% because of this…



    Kenneth John Odle


    URL? Plugin?




    the plugin is WP-NoExternalLinks

    and I´d like to keep in secret the link to my site…

    Could you help me,please?


    Syahir Hakim

    The visits to my blog has droped more than 50% because of this…

    How does not including a rel=”nofollow” caused visits to your site to drop more than 50%? If anything, it should increase the links to your site.



    Because I am using zpag(shortener urls) and since friday zpag is working veeeery slow, so google has penalice me… and also, normally have 4 external links (to servers like megaupload)in each post.

    can be possible to put rel=nofollow automaticly in the messages blocks ?



    can someone help me?

    Syahir Hakim…can you help me? do you know how to solve my problem?

    if not, please let me know…so I can stop using message blocks…it is important to put rel=nofollow in external links…



    Syahir Hakim


    noceda, I just tried installing the plugin and put links in an “important” meesage blocks. It seems to work just fine, i.e. the rel="nofollow" attribute is added to the links.

    See screenshot below. I’m using WP 3.2.1, Graphene 1.4.


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